∇∇   ΒΓ∪ΤΛΙΗΛΡΡΥΤΛΡΕS // Its BONDAGED 

[Dirty Places | Clear Hearts]

“ CoCo  [ Brutalhappytapes ] / Corinna Iris Tröger is a Berlin-based experimental vocalist, sound artist/musician, contemporary artist and curator, using her own language for inner disciplines and places. Her development of “Brutalhappytapes” included sounds based on recordings with dictaphones, digital media, objects, instruments, sounds of places and her voice,  to document places/moments in sound, to find the unsought secret of each place.

Starting with a preference for cassettes and dictaphones, the artist dealt with the question of perfection and mutation in the field of biology and sound. Starting in Berlin with a scholarship for biotechnology at HTW Berlin in connection with music-scores and the possibility to explore the beauty of changes and their possibilities in music by studying mutations in sound as well as in biology.  She is also working as an graduated occupational therapist ( Johannesbad-Akademie ) since 2000.

Her works are in the areas of “non-music” and “new contemporary music”. Inner and  outer mutations as a gift for development and pleasure. Her sound is non-defined in the place of experimental compositions, Cut up, “Chanson Obscure” ,”Beatbox Kaputt” and Pop. Error-music which starts to transform “anti-lore”-music into pieces and beats. Corinna Iris Tröger has performed her pieces in Europe, America and Japan and at various festivals for contemporary music such as the prelude to Transmediale Berlin, Schwankhalle Noisefestival Bremen, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington, New York Trans-Pecos, and Heroins of Sound Festival Berlin Meetup.

The artist deals with experimental music and the medium of radio. She has worked as a radio announcer/speaker for radio dramas at ARD Mediathek / InterInterOhrorbit / SofsonicGG and did live broadcasts and shows in the area of ​​music / performance in Berlin and Brussels

District Berlin—–, Radio On BerlinDIY Church Radio , Radio Picnic Brussels


She is the founder and curator of the experimental concert series “Ohrengala” Berlin 2010-2015, in collaboration with Audition Records (Mexico). Cofounder of the non-profit artspace Beiroy e.V. aka Beiruth / Ziegrastr. 13 Berlin-Neukölln. Curation of concerts and performances/exhibitions as well from 2010 till 2015.


Since 2015 working for  “Staatliche Museen Berlin”  //

Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin

as freelance artist /art mediator /workshops

Collaborations :

Hamburger Bahnhof (Workshops for Dieter Roth , Rudolf Belling ) ,

Altes Museum (“Über kurz-mittel oder lang”),

“Knack den Code” ,

Haus Bastian (“Ausnahmen sind hier die Regel“) ,

Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg , Museum Berggruen

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Live Performances / Work – Berlin


NK Projekt

Sucked Orange Gallery

Del Rex


Altes Finanzamt


Salon Bruit

Transmediale Berlin

Altes Museum Berlin

Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg Berlin

Museum Berggruen Berlin




Jonny Knüppel



Radio On




Christopher Kulendran Thomas – Another World

With Anjouna Novak and Corinna Iris Tröger 

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